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Church Database

We have been working on building a database of churches here in Brazil. Over the past year or more, we have been contacted dozens of times with questions about good churches around the country. Due to limited databases and inaccurate lists of churches, we decided to begin building our own database to help connect good churches all over the country. We estimate there to be about 600 churches or more around the country that we could add. About two months ago, we started a website specifically for this purpose.With Amanda’s help, our database is slowly growing. Word is spreading and churches are beginning to add their information. It has not yet reached its full functionality for the churches. We plan to work on this website as time allows increasing its useability for churches and especially missionaries.

We already have over 70 churches represented and are adding more weekly. I work on the nuts and bolts while she double checks the information sent in by churches and authorizes the churches to display on the website.

Though not the best representation of the website, I have inserted a picture below. If you would rather view the a nicer looking fully functional version, just CLICK HERE ( I started working on this idea about five years ago. It began with the desire to help churches have an online presence. We tried to help several churches build websites, but decided it would take too much time because of the lack of skilled labor. The idea matured and we are developing the website to allow churches to have a detailed profile. They will eventually have their own page and be able to update their basic information as well as add pictures, documents, and a few other things.
After getting several quotes, I was told this website would cost around $5,000.00 just to build. So I took the project on myself and hopefully when I am done, I can pay myself $5,000.00 plus all the hosting fees! That would be nice! I guess I should start saving up. Right now this website is costing me $10 a year. So, in a way, I guess I am saving up!
— Jeremy
Church Database

Family Picture

It is never an easy task to get a nice family picture, especially when you are your own photographer. It has been a while since we took a good family picture, so we decided to get it done. With plans to return to the US next year, we will probably put out a new prayer card then. Here is the latest picture!

Tyler Family 2014


A Wonderful Day!

Brazil 2014

Today is a good day all over Brazil! It is the first day of the World Cup! We are having riots and protests, yet at the same time, it is one of the few days that many Brazilians show their patriotic colors!

What does this mean to me as a Brazilian?

  1. It means I need to show my patriotism!
  2. It means party time!
  3. It means this afternoon is a holiday!
  4. It means you are going to sit on the edge of your seat waiting for a goal!
  5. It means frustration when the ball does not go in the goal!
  6. It means I am a part of the only country to win at least 5 World Cups!
  7. It means I am cheering for a 6th World Cup!
  8. It means food, fun, and fellowship!
  9. It means talking about Brazil’s political, educational, financial, and health care status!
  10. It means fireworks, loud noises, honking, yelling, and just about anything that makes noise!

World Cup 2014

What does it mean to me as a father?

  1. I had to buy all of my boys a Brazil shirt!
  2. Our whole family is cheering for Brazil!
  3. It is a time to make memories for my children!
  4. I must know the answer to questions about who won the last ten World Cups, what teams have a chance to win this year, and is one team better than the other (most of which I do not know how to answer)!
  5. I must talk to my children about the real needs in Brazil!

World Cup 2014

What does this mean to me as a missionary?

  1. Many months have been spent in preparation for the next 30 days!
  2. Hours of praying that God would use the materials and work in the lives of individuals!
  3. I have designed a website specifically for this occassion! (
  4. We have encouraged many people to get involved in reaching the lost and distributing the message of salvation to people from dozens of countries that will be at our doorstep!
  5. Churches have been encouraged to participate!
  6. Millions of Gospel tracts and Bible portions have been prepared for distribution during the next 30 days!
  7. Millions of people in Brazil will receive the Gospel through literature and the internet over the next 30 days!
  8. Some people will find true victory in their lives through Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross!

Please help us pray!!!


Boys’ Bible Club

On Saturday afternoon, we had our first “Boys’ Bible Club” here at our house.  In our neighborhood, there are several groups of boys, roughly 8-14 years old, who hang around together riding bikes, flying kites, playing ball, and whatever else they might decide to do. This is such a crucial age in their lives, and we have a burden to help them however we can. Having three boys who fall (almost) into this age bracket, we decided to start a club once a month to get to know some of these boys, spend some time with him, and hopefully encourage them to live for the Lord.

Bible Club for Boys
Bible Club for Boys

We invited several boys, and we had eleven come for this first meeting, including our three. Four of these were boys we had just met, so we were especially excited to see them come. Jeremy gave a short lesson from the Bible, and did an object lesson, then they played games for a while in the back yard. We gave them some juice and cookies, and they were on their way.

We were pleased with how things went for this first time, and it seemed that those who came really enjoyed it. We are hoping that they will come back and bring others with them next month.

Bible Club for Boys
Bible Club for Boys
Please help us pray for this outreach, that we might be a light in our neighborhood and that these boys would grasp the truth of God’s Word!


Fun Cultural Experiences!

Many times we wonder what things were like hundreds of years ago. Being out in the jungle sometimes can give us a real sense of what things were like.

On my most recent trip into the jungle, I had the opportunity to eat two kinds of meat that are not readily available in other parts of the country. The first was deer meat that we ate. The dear was killed by an anaconda! The neighbors were chasing the dear but before they could get to it, an anaconda got a hold on it. They killed the anaconda to get the dear.

The second kind of meat was tapir. It is similar to a large pig, but the meat is much stronger. The particular meat we ate came from some neighbors, but we did catch a good look of a tapir being butchered, quickly dunked in the river (so the fish would not get it), washed off, and then carried off to be stored.

Here is a picture and a video of what took place.


Other Events


Tapir from Jeremy Tyler on Vimeo.

A Mission Trip to the Rio Purus

I just arrived back from a trip into the jungle. It is always an adventure, but at the same time there is much to learn and to glean from on a trip like this. I have been praying about taking a trip to this region since 2010, so it was exciting to finally be able to take the trip.

Though much could be said, I will keep this entry simple and to the point. I learned much that would be impossible to share in a blog. The Lord is teaching and I am doing my best to learn. The pictures tell more of the story, so to get a more detailed glimpse at the area and the trip, please look at the pictures for MAY 2014 on our PICTURES PAGE.

Boat Ride


– I headed out from my house just before midnight on Sunday night. John Kokenzie gave me a ride to the bus stop where my trip began. I traveled all night arriving in Porto Velho at 5am.
– From the bus station in Porto Velho I took a taxi to the airport where I would catch my plane around noon to Rio Branco in a neighboring state.
– I arrived in Rio Branco about an hour later where Bro. Stephen Doolittle picked me up and took me to his house. Once there, we ate lunch, freshened up and got in the car for another 135 miles or so. When we reached our destination, Pr. André was there waiting for us. It was already dark. We went to get a quick bite to eat, then hit the hay.
– By 5am we were all up and gathering our belongings to take to the boat. By 7:00 we were in the boat and heading up the river. Unfortunately one member of our crew received a phone call and had to return because his father suffered a heart attack. He was able to get back just a few hours before his father passed away.
– Our boat ride lasted for about 9 hours and took us around 120 miles up river where we arrived at Pr. André and Marlete’s house.


– Pr. André is the Brazilian missionary we visited. He has been working in this region for nearly four years now. He has given up many conveniences of modern day life to build a house out in the jungle in order to reach the local Indian tribe.
– Marlete is Pr. André’s wife and was awaiting us at their home up the river. She cooked and washed clothes for us.
– Ester is their daughter and a very talkative girl. She is seven years old and enjoys when someone from the city comes to visit. We had a good time playing a few games and putting together a puzzle with her.
– João is a layman who had some vacation time saved up for this trip. Unfortunately he was not able to make the trip after receiving the call about his father.
– Bro. Stephen Doolittle had already been up to visit Pr. André once before, but wanted to help on a few projects, so he had decided to go back.
– Several other men had planned to go on the trip but due to court hearings, finances, or other issues, they were not able to go.


  1. Learn more about working with the Indians – We spent more than a week with Pr. André and his family! What a blessing to get to know this precious family and glean from their experience in working with the Indians. They have been ministering to this ethnic group for about four years. They have a few other missionaries helping them.

    Though they have not established a church in the tribe yet, they are building friendships with the Indians, learning the language and culture, and praying that the Lord would help them witness and win this tribe.

  2. Help Pr. André build a house in the Indian village – In three days we were able to help Pr. André put up the main structure for his house in the Indian village. The house is roughly 18 feet x 18 feet. It was hard work and very tiring, but praise the Lord, we were able to accomplish the task even though we had a much smaller crew than anticipated.

Thank you again for your prayers!

— Jeremy

Emails This Week!

Email is such a useful tool. Many times I write dozens of emails a day. It takes seconds to respond to someone and let them know you are praying for them, or just send a note of encouragement.

Most days I am tempted to get in a routine of answering emails and sending off messages to people that I don’t think of the effect they could have. Recently the Lord has made me more aware of the impact that an email can have. Let me share with you a few instances of emails that I have received in the last week.

1. Just a few days ago I received an email that basically said, “Please pray for me, I am not saved, but I need to be saved so that I can have eternal life.” Though the email said more than this, this was the most important part of it.

2. I also received an email this past week that said, “I really like the content on your website. Do you have any correspondence courses that I could take to study the Bible? I want to learn more about the Bible.”

3. Another man asked for prayer. He lost everything including his family and compared his life to Job. He confessed he was a sinner and wanted to know how to have peace again in his life.

It is not always easy knowing what to write and how to write it, but I thank God for the opportunities to give out the Gospel message. Email can be much like a tract. What difference could we make if we included more of the Gospel in our email messages? Maybe you could include a link to a Gospel tract at the bottom of you eamils. God has given us tools in our hands to be used for Him. What are you doing with the tools you have been given?

Please continue to pray as we reach out to people all over the world through the internet.


Learning more about tribes in Brazil

Recently Bro. Sam Rogers called me. He is an American missionary who is working less than an hour from us. He asked if I would like to meet a native Indian pastor that was coming his way. This pastor is supported by a few churches in our area and we had heard much of his work. A few days later, he drove up and we picked up Pastor Daniel, the native pastor, at the bus station.

Indian Pastor - Daniel

Me, Pr. Daniel, and Sam Rogers

Though our time together was brief, we talked about the work among the Indians. We spoke of his ministry, the needs, the people, and many other topics. The meeting, though brief, was very informative. I was able to speak of specific groups by name knowing where they were located, who was working with them, and learn more about other groups in the area.

Every opportunity I have to spend with these native Indians increases the intensity and desire in my heart to reach them with the Gospel.

It is amazing how God has worked out the details of the past few months. I remember, about a year ago, the desire I had to take several trips. Yet, the doors were not opening quickly. I did not know what God would do, but I began praying about several different possibilities. I wanted to learn more about this work with the Indians.

The past six months have been filled with experiences that I will never forget. What once was just a dream is becoming a reality. What once were just tribal names, now are faces and friends!!!

On deputation, I acquired pictures from the internet to make our video presentation. We used pictures of many different ethnic groups that were taken in Brazil. I never really expected to run into those people. Yet, looking back through our video with a friend, he said, “That is the guy I was telling you about yesterday. He is the one that I talked to about…” WOW! My first thought was, “You mean that man is a real person?”

In all reality, it is one thing to talk about reaching the unreached and a totally different thing to actually have personal contact with them. God is teaching me that every person alive is a part of His eternal plan. They were each created in His image and likeness. He loves every single one of them. Therefore, we must reach them!

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Please keep praying for this work!

— Jeremy

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