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We have been working on building a database of churches here in Brazil. Over the past year or more, we have been contacted dozens of times with questions about good churches around the country. Due to limited databases and inaccurate lists of churches, we decided to begin building our own database to help connect good churches all over the country. We estimate there to be about 600 churches or more around the country that we could add. About two months ago, we started a website specifically for this purpose.With Amanda’s help, our database is slowly growing. Word is spreading and churches are beginning to add their information. It has not yet reached its full functionality for the churches. We plan to work on this website as time allows increasing its useability for churches and especially missionaries.

We already have over 70 churches represented and are adding more weekly. I work on the nuts and bolts while she double checks the information sent in by churches and authorizes the churches to display on the website.

Though not the best representation of the website, I have inserted a picture below. If you would rather view the a nicer looking fully functional version, just CLICK HERE ( I started working on this idea about five years ago. It began with the desire to help churches have an online presence. We tried to help several churches build websites, but decided it would take too much time because of the lack of skilled labor. The idea matured and we are developing the website to allow churches to have a detailed profile. They will eventually have their own page and be able to update their basic information as well as add pictures, documents, and a few other things.
After getting several quotes, I was told this website would cost around $5,000.00 just to build. So I took the project on myself and hopefully when I am done, I can pay myself $5,000.00 plus all the hosting fees! That would be nice! I guess I should start saving up. Right now this website is costing me $10 a year. So, in a way, I guess I am saving up!
— Jeremy
Church Database

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