Reaching the World Through Brazil

“He is able to save them to the uttermost” Hebrews 7:25

When we began deputation in 2007, we chose this particular theme for our ministry. In a nutshell, it explains what our goals are. Being missionaries to Brazil we believe the great commission is not only for us, but for those that we reach here in Brazil also. As II Timothy 2:2 implies, our goal is to begin a never ending work. This work is continued from one generation to the next. It is only finished in an individual when he is fulfilling every part of the great commission for himself.

Sometimes it seems as though very little has been accomplished since we arrived in Brazil. However, looking back through pictures and prayer letters, we are reminded of some things God has done. It has been worth the time invested and we look forward to what God has in store for the future.

The Past

What goals have been reached? So far…

  • We have been in dozens of churches encouraging pastors and helping with different aspects of the ministry (conferences, VBS, preaching, Sunday School, soul-winning, visitation, discipling, giving music lessons, helping with choirs, leading singing, planning events, ladies meetings and more).
  • We have helped many different pastors and missionaries in the area of technology with websites, graphic design, internet outreach, video streaming, radio programing, and a few other technology related areas.
  • We have worked with the Kokenzies on the establishment of a church in Ouro Preto do Oeste, RO and also with the Cooks helping a national pastor, Isaías Divino in the establishment of a church in Vilhena, RO.
  • We have expanded and increased the work of the Amigão do Pastor (an independent Baptist publisher), restoring all the past editions of their publication, putting several of their books in a digital format, building them a website to house literature, sending out the monthly publication, and even helping develop content for the publication.
  • We have sent the Gospel out over the internet to many countries around the globe. We are working with other missionaries all over the world to help them reach out through websites and Facebook. We have Gospel presentations in nearly 20 different languages.
  • We have developed a database of good churches here in Brazil. Though work continues you may already locate many good churches all over the country.
The Future

Here are some goals for our future…

  • Help establish more churches here in the state of Rondônia
  • Continue developing resources for pastors as well as good Christian literature for Sunday School teachers and church members.
  • Encourage national pastors to get more involved in developing resources
  • Promote missions from Brazil to all other regions of the earth. There are very few Brazilian missionaries reaching out to areas outside of our country. This is still a very big need. We are trying to communicate with, encourage, and help these missionaries.
  • Personally get involved with establishing a ministry in a local Indian tribe.
  • Teach the Bible. There is quite a bit of false doctrine that is being spread all throughout Brazil. Many people have questions and we want to provide Bible answers to these questions.
  • Fulfill every part of the great commission through local churches.