Emails This Week!

Email is such a useful tool. Many times I write dozens of emails a day. It takes seconds to respond to someone and let them know you are praying for them, or just send a note of encouragement.

Most days I am tempted to get in a routine of answering emails and sending off messages to people that I don’t think of the effect they could have. Recently the Lord has made me more aware of the impact that an email can have. Let me share with you a few instances of emails that I have received in the last week.

1. Just a few days ago I received an email that basically said, “Please pray for me, I am not saved, but I need to be saved so that I can have eternal life.” Though the email said more than this, this was the most important part of it.

2. I also received an email this past week that said, “I really like the content on your website. Do you have any correspondence courses that I could take to study the Bible? I want to learn more about the Bible.”

3. Another man asked for prayer. He lost everything including his family and compared his life to Job. He confessed he was a sinner and wanted to know how to have peace again in his life.

It is not always easy knowing what to write and how to write it, but I thank God for the opportunities to give out the Gospel message. Email can be much like a tract. What difference could we make if we included more of the Gospel in our email messages? Maybe you could include a link to a Gospel tract at the bottom of you eamils. God has given us tools in our hands to be used for Him. What are you doing with the tools you have been given?

Please continue to pray as we reach out to people all over the world through the internet.


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