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Emails This Week!

Email is such a useful tool. Many times I write dozens of emails a day. It takes seconds to respond to someone and let them know you are praying for them, or just send a note of encouragement.

Most days I am tempted to get in a routine of answering emails and sending off messages to people that I don’t think of the effect they could have. Recently the Lord has made me more aware of the impact that an email can have. Let me share with you a few instances of emails that I have received in the last week.

1. Just a few days ago I received an email that basically said, “Please pray for me, I am not saved, but I need to be saved so that I can have eternal life.” Though the email said more than this, this was the most important part of it.

2. I also received an email this past week that said, “I really like the content on your website. Do you have any correspondence courses that I could take to study the Bible? I want to learn more about the Bible.”

3. Another man asked for prayer. He lost everything including his family and compared his life to Job. He confessed he was a sinner and wanted to know how to have peace again in his life.

It is not always easy knowing what to write and how to write it, but I thank God for the opportunities to give out the Gospel message. Email can be much like a tract. What difference could we make if we included more of the Gospel in our email messages? Maybe you could include a link to a Gospel tract at the bottom of you eamils. God has given us tools in our hands to be used for Him. What are you doing with the tools you have been given?

Please continue to pray as we reach out to people all over the world through the internet.


Haitian Outreach Update

Please keep praying…

With just a tiny bit of effort, God has sent us over 200 Haitian contacts in the past 3 days. We also know that some of our efforts have reach over 5,000 Haitians. These are just numbers and we have not had personal contact with these people. Yet, the Lord knows the lives of each of these and has given us an opportunity to give each of them a continued Gospel influence in their lives.

Please continue to pray with us as we use the internet to reach out to people who need to know God.

— Jeremy

Reaching Haiti Through Brazil

The Lord has given us a unique opportunity here in Brazil of reaching Haitians for Christ. Because of recent events in Haiti, many are moving to Brazil in order to seek employment. I cannot say that they are making loads of money, but I do believe it is of the Lord that they were brought here.

Last year I wrote of two Haitian men who trusted the Lord as their Savior thousands of miles from their home. The Lord brought them to our doorstep and gave us an opportunity to witness to them. More recently a pastor friend of our who lives on the border of Bolivia has received sometimes 30 Haitians at a time in his church. Brazil has sent many soldiers to Haiti and seems to have a good relationship with the government there. We must take advantage of this while we can.

Over the past two weeks or so, I have been advertising the Haitian page on our website and the Lord has sent us nearly 100 individuals to our website. This is exciting!!! CLICK HERE to visit this page.

Today, we started a Facebook page for our Gospel Website in Creole. It is called Konnen Bondye. Below is a picture and link to the Facebook page. If you are aware of any Haitians or others who might speak Haitian Creole, including any missionaries, please send them this link. We want to spread this to as many people as possible. We will be posting weekly in Creole on this page.

Please help us pray as we reach out to Haitians not only in Brazil and Haiti but all over the world. The Lord has given us this opportunity to help people and we must use the tools He has given us to reach the world through Brazi. Thank you for praying!

— Jeremy

New Japanese Translation

The Lord recently allowed us to move forward with the Japanese translation for our Gospel website.

While I was responding to an email received from another missionary, my wife suggested I ask them about a someone to type the Japanese translation of the Gospel for our website. They soon wrote back to let us know that they would be glad to work on it.

Three years ago, a young Brazilian lady from a church here in Brazil volunteered to translate into Japanese the Gospel presentation we were using on our website. Her only problem was that she could not type in Japanese. Shortly after her translation was finished I asked a few missionaries about the possibility of getting this typed, but they did not know anyone at the time that could do it. In the Lord’s perfect timing we were able to get this done. Now we must pray that it will make a difference in someone’s life

Below is a flag with a link directly to the Japanese page if you would like to take a look at it. If you know someone who speaks Japanese, please send them the link to this page. Please take the time to pray that people would find this page and that the Gospel would work in their hearts!

— Jeremy

Japanese Page

Online At Last!

After more than three weeks, we are finally able to access the internet again. Things have been busy for us over the last few weeks. We have tried to be patient, but after having been wandering around for the past twelve months, we are very anxious to get settled. I guess I could say we experienced 1/40 of what the children of Israel did in the wilderness. I am sure what we have been through does not even compare to that. We have been spoiled in many ways most everywhere we have been. God is good!

I am looking forward to updating everyone on our latest adventures and getting you up to speed on our ministry progress. I am very excited about what God is doing. Most of the news will have to be posted a little at a time. However, I will give you just a taste of what God is doing.

Several weeks ago, the Lord brought two Haitian men across my path for a brief instant. We were in and out of the same town for about two weeks. Then they moved and I moved. Now we are about 200 miles apart. However, God is still working in their hearts. Every week I receive a phone call from Adrim. The Lord is doing something special in his life and bringing him closer to the Lord.

Shortly after trusting Christ as his Savior, he lost his job and had some very disappointing things happen at the next job he took. This forced him to move to a new location where he could be closer to some friends. Though there are some negatives, he is encouraged in the Lord. He will soon receive his very first Bible in his native language! That will no doubt be a big help and boost in his Christian life.

Manoel, the second man also trusted the Lord and is well. He also is looking forward to receiving a Bible and some studies that he can go through to grow in his Christian life. Please keep praying for these men.

Since our move to Ouro Preto do Oeste, the Lord has brought several people across our path who are in need of spiritual help. One young saleslady in a department store after answering our questions asked if we were Christians. She then began to ask for spiritual advice. She has been looking for a good church and is disgusted with all the options available to her at this time. Please pray for her. Her name is Edinalva. She has many questions and is looking for the truth.

Yesterday our neighbors came over to bring us a little treat and we found out that their oldest daughter (15) is interested in missions and has already been reading our Gospel website. We also had a great conversation with some of our other neighbors a few days ago.

Our website influence is growing slowly, but steadily. Though not many have written us on the website, traffic has increased and people from every state in Brazil as well as other countries are accessing the Gospel website ConhecendoDeus every month.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting pictures and telling you more about what has happened in the last few weeks and keeping you updated with what is going on presently as well. Below is a picture of the view from the kitchen window in our house.

— Jeremy


Lack of Communication

Just this last weekend we were away from home and I was not able to keep up with my regular e-mails. I had planned on that and was ready to answer the 30 or more e-mails that were in my inbox when I returned. However, I was not expecting the recent trouble we had.

On Monday when we returned home we were able to get online and catch up on a little communication. In the afternoon, the phone company had some men working on the lines and our phone and internet were cut off. A few hours later everything was back on, at least that is what we thought.

The phones came back on, but we were never able to connect to the internet. While I was out at a prayer meeting on Monday night, my mother called and said she was not able to call our house. We soon found out that the lines were crossed and we now had a new number.

On Tuesday morning I called the phone company and asked them if they could come fix the problem. All day long I kept answering phone calls of people who wanted to reach a certain business. All day long that business received phone calls from people who wanted to reach us. We even communicated back and forth a few times checking to see if the numbers were working yet.

Tuesday evening I decided to go to my parents house and check my e-mail there. When we arrived we found their phone and internet were both off also. Just as we were leaving the internet came on and allowed Amanda an opportunity to call her parents to let them know we were ok even though we were not able to communicate easily.

On Wednesday, I called the phone company again and they said a technician was on the way. Later in the day I called them again. They told me the issue had been fixed! HAHA! I still had no internet and could not receive calls at my own number. They told me I would have to wait up to 72 hours to get another technician.

Welcome to Brazil! Not everywhere can you get service like this. I had devoted this week to finishing our second issue of our publication. I finished editing three articles, but I could not access the other nine articles. This was very frustrating! So, I must remember that the Lord has a purpose. He is working in our lives and is in control of everything.

Thursday went by and we heard nothing about the phones. I called the company again on Friday and I called the company again on Saturday.

On Sunday, when we arrived home after church in the morning, there was a note on our gate. The phones had been fixed!!! We were excited we walked in the house and tested the lines just to find out that nothing had been accomplished.

Then the Lord gave me an idea. I got in the car and looked all over the subdivision for one of the phone company cars. After about 10 minutes I found one. I took the note with me and showed the technician the other mans name. He did not know him, but after hearing the issue, he said he would stop by after lunch and check out the problem.
Though he had said otherwise, he stopped by immediately before he went to lunch. I stood there with him and helped him repair the lines by throwing up the pliers, wires, etc… that he asked for. Within ten minutes we had our phones and internet back on.

Some people may think that as a missionary we should not count on communication such as internet and phones. Well, I try my best to communicate, because part of our ministry is communication.

Yes, we complain and gripe, but I will give you four good reasons we are thankful the Lord allowed the lines to be repaired…
  1. I was doing my best to communicate with people in Portugal about a lady who had recently received Christ through the internet! She has now received a visit and has promised a visit to church this coming week.
  2. We had contact with two men in Pakistan about the Gospel! Both registered on our Gospel website.
  3. A man had sent me his testimony of salvation. Unfortunately, he recounted his salvation as being a vision he had seen. I had to make sure he received a clear Gospel presentation.
  4. A lady that has been writing to me periodically for over a year had questions about her salvation. Pray that God gives her peace!
The Lord has given us an opportunity to communicate with people who need the Gospel. We want to do our best to show these people that Jesus is salvation and He is the solution of every problem we have.
— Jeremy