Reaching Haiti Through Brazil

The Lord has given us a unique opportunity here in Brazil of reaching Haitians for Christ. Because of recent events in Haiti, many are moving to Brazil in order to seek employment. I cannot say that they are making loads of money, but I do believe it is of the Lord that they were brought here.

Last year I wrote of two Haitian men who trusted the Lord as their Savior thousands of miles from their home. The Lord brought them to our doorstep and gave us an opportunity to witness to them. More recently a pastor friend of our who lives on the border of Bolivia has received sometimes 30 Haitians at a time in his church. Brazil has sent many soldiers to Haiti and seems to have a good relationship with the government there. We must take advantage of this while we can.

Over the past two weeks or so, I have been advertising the Haitian page on our website and the Lord has sent us nearly 100 individuals to our website. This is exciting!!! CLICK HERE to visit this page.

Today, we started a Facebook page for our Gospel Website in Creole. It is called Konnen Bondye. Below is a picture and link to the Facebook page. If you are aware of any Haitians or others who might speak Haitian Creole, including any missionaries, please send them this link. We want to spread this to as many people as possible. We will be posting weekly in Creole on this page.

Please help us pray as we reach out to Haitians not only in Brazil and Haiti but all over the world. The Lord has given us this opportunity to help people and we must use the tools He has given us to reach the world through Brazi. Thank you for praying!

— Jeremy

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