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Heading Home


Very quickly I would like to catch you up to date on what is going on with us over the next few days so that you all can continue to pray for us. I have not sent out a prayer letter this month. Things have been busy, so I decided just to post on the blog which would simplify things for this month. Everything has worked out very well so far.

– Our belongings have been split up. We allowed some friends to use some of our furniture over the next few months while we are in the US. The remainder of our belongings have been stored in a safe location.

– We have turned in the keys to the house, cared for the final repairs to be made, and are working on shutting off the internet, water and electric.

– Tomorrow we begin our journey! We catch a bus and begin about a 52 hour trip. We will be with Amanda’s parents by Thursday evening if all works out as planned. Please pray things go smoothly. Our last attempt at international travel from this area was not great, so we are praying things go smoothly this time.



In my last post I asked you to pray for two specific things. First, a friend who was to testify about the work in the Indian tribes. Thank you for praying. Those who had accused him went in and removed their accusations. The case has now been filed and set to rest. Praise the Lord!

The second prayer request was for our trip to an Indian tribe a few weeks ago. The Lord closed the doors for us and we were not able to go into the tribe. Please pray that these doors will be opened for us in the near future. Several missionaries have recently left the area. We are not sure what all is going on, but we believe the Lord has directed us to this region. Please keep praying!

Tyler Family Prayer Letter – February 2015

Prayer Letter – February 2015

E-mail sent with Prayer Letter

New Pictures

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Tyler Family Prayer Letter – January 2015

Prayer Letter – January 2015

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New Pictures

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Quick Furlough Update

We have been in two conferences in the last two weeks. Both conferences have been very good. I believe God did a work in many hearts in these conferences. 

The first conference was in our home church, the Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN with Dr. Clarence Sexton. Pastor Sexton has been a great encouragement and help to us. We are sent directly out of Temple Baptist, so it was a joy to be home again and see so many people we had not seen in a long time.

The second conference was in Santa Clara, CA with Dr. Jack Trieber. The staff and members of North Valley Baptist Church and the students of Golden State Baptist College were a great encouragement to us. We enjoyed spending the time with other missionaries in this conference also.

Please keep praying as we will be travelling to PA and then back to IL by next Monday.


Tyler September Travels

I can hardly believe we have been in the US for over a month now. Here is a short log of our travels…

  1. Illinois – When we arrived at the end of August we spent about a week with Amanda’s parents. It was a great time to spend together because it was Labor Day weekend and that gave the boys a little more time to spend with their grandparents. The boys have enjoyed learning about corn, soy beans, tractor pulls, and many other fun things around Flora, Illinois. While around Flora we visited friends in the following churches:* Calvary Baptist Church – Flora, IL – Pastor Mike Evans

    * Calvary Baptist Church – Olney, IL – Pastor Chris Jennette

  2. California – After about a week in Illinois, we flew to California. This was an exciting two week trip because we were able to visit several supporting churches we had never been in before. During this time, we also spent some time with my uncle, Larry Tyler and his family. They were a great blessing to us in many ways. The time spent with them was very refreshing and relaxing.During this trip I preached or gave a testimony in several of the churches. We really enjoyed getting to meet people who have prayed for us and kept in touch with us though we have never personally met before. It was also refreshing to meet a few Brazilians in these churches.

    * First Baptist Church of Long Beach – Long Beach, CA – Pastor John Wilkerson

    * Coastline Baptist Church – Oceanside, CA – Pastor Stephen Chappell

    * Horizon Baptist Church – Camarillo, CA – Pastor Brian Leversee

  3. Missouri – On our return from California, we flew to Kansas City to pick up a van from BMTM (Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry). This is a great ministry that provides vehicles to missionaries while they are traveling. For a considerably small monthly charge, they provide the vehicle, maintenance, and even insurance for us. We will have the van for about three months.After driving about to see family and a few friends, we had a meeting in Ozark. The pastor and his wife were very kind to us. He wanted to take the boys fishing, but it did not work out this time. I talked about our ministry in Sunday School and preached in the afternoon.

    *Ozark Baptist Temple – Ozark, MO – Pastor John England

Now we are back in Illinois again with Amanda’s family. We are excited about getting back to Tennessee very soon. We will be in the Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN – our sending church. It will be great to see family and friends there also! Please pray for our safety as we travel at least 8,000 miles over the next few months.

— Jeremy

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 -3 – 2 – 1- Blastoff!!!

We will be leaving for the US in TEN days! We are anxious, excited, and somewhat still unprepared.

Today we are moving out of our temporary housing and into my parents house. We still have much left to do before we leave. Though a good part of the ministry we can attend to from a distance, there are still many things we must care for personally before our departure.

Here are a few things we would like for you to pray for…

  1. The finalization of the second issue of the publication. It has been in its final stages for a couple weeks, but because of busy schedules, it has not yet been sent out.
  2. Meeting with a young man developing a very resourceful tool for churches here in Brazil. This meeting has been postponed several times, so please pray I can meet with him this next week.
  3. Preparations for meetings in the US. We want to put together a small presentation of where we are and where the Lord is taking us in the near future. We also need to put together an new prayer card and have it printed within a few weeks.
  4. Planning and scheduling meetings for our trip to the US. The Lord has opened a few doors and we are excited about sharing what God is doing here in Brazil.
  5. Safety traveling. We will be traveling thousands of miles by airplane and on highways in the next six months.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in praying for us.

— Jeremy

The Big “Phase Two”

What is God doing in our lives at this point? God is leading us to His side! We are trying to be sensitive to His leading. Please pray for us. Our future is in the hands of the Lord.

Here is what we know of our near future:

1. We move out of our present house here in São Paulo by the 7th of July. By this time, all of our belongings will need to be stored for the next six months. A month ago we thought we had until September, but the Lord has chosen to move us before then.

2. We will be moving into the house of some of our friends who will be traveling for a few months. This relieves us from rent for a few months and helps them at the same time.

3. In September we will be going to the US until December. We will be scheduling meetings during most of that time. We have been in Brazil for over two years, but because of the timing, we believe it is the Lord’s will for us to return to the US and report to churches before our next move.

4. Upon our return to Brazil around the new year, we will gather all of our belongings and place them in a truck that will move our things to Rondônia. Our plans are to arrive in Rondônia in February. This is a 2,000 mile move across the country. We are not sure about all the details of our arrival there, however, we are trusting the Lord to work everything out.

We are looking forward to being with all our loved ones and family here in the near future. Although this may seem strange, Brazil has become our home and we are even a bit nervous about returning to the US. Many questions arise in our minds… Will people still be the same? Have churches changed? How will we be treated? Yet, these questions are not the largest part of our concern. We wonder how we can help people and encourage them to follow the Lord during this short time that we are back in the US.

During the last two and a half years living out of the US, we have changed quite a bit. The Lord has taught us the importance of leaning on Him. When no one else is around and when no one else knows what we are going through, God is all we need. We can be steadfast and unmoveable because the Lord is with us. He has not put us out here all alone. He has accompanied us. Amen!

We are very excited about our future. I like to call our work in Rondônia “phase two” in our ministry. We have many second phases in our ministry, but this one is the big second phase. We will soon be moving into church planting and using all the resources we have been able to gather over the last few years. So far everything has been preparation.

Please continue to pray that the Lord would lead us, supply the necessary resources for the tasks ahead, and help us to trust Him every step of the way.

— Jeremy

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