10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 -3 – 2 – 1- Blastoff!!!

We will be leaving for the US in TEN days! We are anxious, excited, and somewhat still unprepared.

Today we are moving out of our temporary housing and into my parents house. We still have much left to do before we leave. Though a good part of the ministry we can attend to from a distance, there are still many things we must care for personally before our departure.

Here are a few things we would like for you to pray for…

  1. The finalization of the second issue of the publication. It has been in its final stages for a couple weeks, but because of busy schedules, it has not yet been sent out.
  2. Meeting with a young man developing a very resourceful tool for churches here in Brazil. This meeting has been postponed several times, so please pray I can meet with him this next week.
  3. Preparations for meetings in the US. We want to put together a small presentation of where we are and where the Lord is taking us in the near future. We also need to put together an new prayer card and have it printed within a few weeks.
  4. Planning and scheduling meetings for our trip to the US. The Lord has opened a few doors and we are excited about sharing what God is doing here in Brazil.
  5. Safety traveling. We will be traveling thousands of miles by airplane and on highways in the next six months.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in praying for us.

— Jeremy

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