Heading Home


Very quickly I would like to catch you up to date on what is going on with us over the next few days so that you all can continue to pray for us. I have not sent out a prayer letter this month. Things have been busy, so I decided just to post on the blog which would simplify things for this month. Everything has worked out very well so far.

– Our belongings have been split up. We allowed some friends to use some of our furniture over the next few months while we are in the US. The remainder of our belongings have been stored in a safe location.

– We have turned in the keys to the house, cared for the final repairs to be made, and are working on shutting off the internet, water and electric.

– Tomorrow we begin our journey! We catch a bus and begin about a 52 hour trip. We will be with Amanda’s parents by Thursday evening if all works out as planned. Please pray things go smoothly. Our last attempt at international travel from this area was not great, so we are praying things go smoothly this time.



In my last post I asked you to pray for two specific things. First, a friend who was to testify about the work in the Indian tribes. Thank you for praying. Those who had accused him went in and removed their accusations. The case has now been filed and set to rest. Praise the Lord!

The second prayer request was for our trip to an Indian tribe a few weeks ago. The Lord closed the doors for us and we were not able to go into the tribe. Please pray that these doors will be opened for us in the near future. Several missionaries have recently left the area. We are not sure what all is going on, but we believe the Lord has directed us to this region. Please keep praying!

  • graham foran

    My prayer letter to you came back. I found your site to see where you were. I got a new email for this site. Should I use it for prayer letters? Lord bless, have a good furlough. Graham

  • This is Wed. April the 1st. Our prayers are with you for a safe and smooth trip back to the States. God bless you as you travel to the States and in the States. I know you are excited to see family and friends, but sad to leave new friends behind.

  • Nevin Neal

    Bro. Jeremy,
    We will be praying for you and are looking forward to your visit here later in April.

    • Thanks for the prayers! We are getting rested from the 56 hours traveling. Seems like Brazil should be closer than that. With long layovers and all, we are safe and already have a vehicle to use. We are looking forward to being with you all also.

  • Larry Tyler

    You are in our prayers. We pray that everyone will remain well as you travel. Have a fun and safe trip. Amanda’s family have got to be very excited to see you folks. We are excited you guys are coming to visit with us too. Amanda will be getting her “Queen for the Day” day when she arrives. Us guys are going to have some fun too! Aunt Rita and I have both taken off days from work to be with you.

    • Thanks for praying Uncle Larry. We are now with Amanda’s family. In just over a week we will start making our way out your way. Have a great Easter Sunday!

  • Jim & Pat King

    Been praying for you.

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