Thanksgiving in Brazil

This Thanksgiving was not unlike other Thanksgivings we have had here in Brazil. The Brazilians do not celebrate Thanksgiving, so we usually get together with other missionary families and make a fun day out of it. This Thanksgiving we were able to be with the Brewers, Kokenzies and the Rogers.

Tom and Cindy Brewer opened up their home to all of us. We had 21 people there all together. It was quite an event since we all stayed in the same house. How did we do it? Well, below is a picture of a very Brazilian way of solving the problem. We thought Bro. Brewer might have been a little overzealous in planning all of this, but in the end it worked out quite well (not sure how much sleeping took place though)!


We are very thankful that God has chosen us to be missionaries. Yet, sometimes in the ministry we have to give up a few things. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when we would like to be with our family. We miss the fun times with family, but try to still make these times special for our own children.

This Thanksgiving was very exciting for our boys. They talked about it and waited anxiously for weeks before hand. Having so many different children around, made things very interesting. It would not be correct to say it all went down without any incidents, but we are still thankful that it all worked out. The boys had a great time. We even played some real baseball in a yard big enough to hit the ball without it going over the wall.


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