Taking Time to Reach the World

It is true, we cannot be in more than one place at a time. However, reaching the world has actually become easier. It is amazing how many people you can communicate with all over the world even if you do not speak their language.

In previous posts we have written about places we are reaching around the world. We have also written about our connection with other missionaries and how praying for them has turned into a blessing to us. It is amazing what God can do when he wants to.

After developing a Gospel Facebook page for Haitian Creole, we have also invested some time into a French page. Credit must be given to Benji and Kerri Dryden for their hard work on the Creole page. On the French side of things we have the help of Stephen and Julie Knickerbocker.

It is exciting to see what God is doing as we reach out with the Gospel. There is no telling what person may receive the Gospel and what they will do with it. Here is a small map from Google with stars in locations that we have communicated with people over the past two months or so. Of course, this is not 100% accurate, but at least will give you an idea of what is going on.

Though we would like to expand what we are doing, we must not get to the point where we cannot keep up with what is going on. Once a week, I take the time to design an image with a verse on it in several different languages.

Just in English, there are many people all over the world that we can communicate with. It is amazing when you begin to study statistics that just sitting at home you could reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that speak your language.

Recently I spent about an hour chatting with a Nigerian missionary who is reaching a different section of Africa with the Gospel. His home church sent out 4 missionaries to this particular spot. We met online. Noone introduced us. This is not a friend of a friend, but someone that I crossed paths with simply by reaching out to a specific part of the world. Most likely, I will never meet him in person, but through him I am more aware of a specific people group in Africa that needs the Gospel.

India has also been a concentration for me in the past few months. What more can be done in that country? A friend of mine there said that in a gathering of around 12 people, 11 of them had different mother tongues. All of them spoke more than one language and many of them spoke at least three languages. The common language used among this group was English.

Next week, we will visit a Bible school that houses people from at least 7 different indian ethnic groups here in Brazil. Each of these speak a different language? How can they be helped? Obviously someone is working with them, but what more can be done. How can these people be encouraged to reach other more remote indian tribes?

Please pray for us! However, do not stop at praying for missionaries. Ask the Lord what you can do to help. What talents do you have? How can those talents be used to reach the world? Will you take the time to reach out?

“These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.” Acts 17:6

Have these men come to your area of the world? Will you be one of these in another area of the world?

— Jeremy

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