My First Impression of Porto Velho

My trip to Porto Velho was not long and I do not have many pictures to show for it. After the first few hours, my camera quit working. So all I have are a few pictures taken from the back seat of a motorcycle.

The trip in itself was very profitable. I learned much about the people, the situation of churches there, I checked on prices of vehicles, housing, and food expenses.

A pastor named Antônio Marques hosted me for the day and a half I was there. He and his wife live on very little. I believe he is over 70 years old and his wife is about the same age. She is an Indian by birth, but has no ties back in the tribes. They have a small house which is quite old. He was given a motorcycle from a church member which is his main mode of transportation.

Here are some pictures of the city for you to see…

The Basic Look

Porto Velho 2010

This gives you the view of what the typical neighborhood is like. There are houses lining the streets on both sides. The nicer houses our painted while most along the outskirts of the city are just bricks and mortar.

The Dirt Streets

Porto Velho 2010

Along the main roads you will find asphalt, but most of the side roads are still dirt.

Basic Housing Along the Outskirts of Town

Porto Velho 2010

This is a view of the housing along the outskirts of the city off of the main roads. Lots of dirt, chickens, and even sewer running through the streets. Porto Velho really is behind the times on development.

My View of Porto Velho

Porto Velho 2010

This is the view I had of all of Porto Velho. As I looked around, I saw a motorcycle helmet which obscured some of the view.

One of the Nicer Roads in Town

Porto Velho 2010

This was one of the nicer roads on the outskirts of town. It took you towards the center of town.

Main Roads – Much Construction

Porto Velho 2010

On this picture you can notice that there are not many markings on the roads. No painted lines, no lanes, no stop signs, etc. On the left you will notice a bridge or overpass being built. They are in the middle of building six major overpasses around town which will greatly improve travel from Porto Velho to other places. One of these bridges will replace the fairy which presently connects two sections of a major international highway.

Small Shops All Over Town

Porto Velho 2010

All over town you will find little stores. After driving around for about six hours I saw very few chain stores. Most were just little shops run by the locals.

Motorcycle Parking

Porto Velho 2010

As you can see, there are motorcycles everywhere. As a matter of fact, most taxis are motorcycles in Porto Velho and all of that region of Brazil.

Typical Means of Family Transportation

Porto Velho 2010

Another typical means of family transportation is the bicycle. Mothers ride with their very small babies in their arms and as you can see here, the bicycles are equipped with several seats.

Nicer House – Closed Condominiums

Porto Velho 2010

Of course, if you are willing to pay the price, you can get nicer housing with more security. These areas are very expensive to live in, yet they provide the security many people want in a city that is known for not being the safest place.


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