Josiah and Jonathan Get Baptized

A few weeks ago Josiah and Jonathan asked me if they could be baptized. This situation came up because they had just seen one of their friends get baptized. We made it a point to wait a few weeks and see what the real motive behind it was.

About a year ago, Josiah spoke to me at church one night and said he wanted to be saved. He had previously said he was saved, but did not know when he trusted Christ. He was reluctant to even admit that he was a sinner, so we did not believe that he was truly saved. However, after hearing Bro. Jimmy Rose preach at a mission conference, he came home and trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

This was a pretty clear decision and you could tell that it was from his heart. Jonathan, on the other hand, was a different situation. He was always saying that he had trusted Jesus as his Savior. We did not put much trust in his decision because of the way he prayed. Of course the way you pray does not affect your salvation. I had asked Jonathan to pray before the boys went to sleep one night. In that prayer he quickly said, “Please forgive me of my sins and save me.” That was it! With children, who pray for dogs and other unconventional things, we did not think he was serious. The tone of his voice was very playful.

However, after a year or more of putting it off, he still insists that he was saved that night. We clearly remember the day, but did not believe he was saved. I questioned him quite thoroughly on this matter and he did not give in. He was confident of his salvation! AMEN! I am glad when a person cannot be shaken on the matter of their salvation.

The Lord gave us peace about the whole situation and we scheduled the baptism. Please watch the video to see our two precious boys being baptized. This was also my first time to baptize. I must express with the apostle John, that, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 

Here is the video…

— Jeremy

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