Haitian Outreach by Brazilians on Bolivian Border

It is amazing what we see when we just stop and think about what God is doing! God works in ways we cannot possibly comprehend. Not only is He working in the lives of each person alive in this world, but He also orchestrates political events, national tragedies, economic situations, natural disasters, spread of disease, and every other aspect of this world in which we live. In all of this, He never loses focus of one individual.

What amazes me the most is when I realize that God orchestrates thousands of events over many years, then uses those events to bring one specific individual to faith in Jesus Christ. The immediate events surrounding this individual’s salvation may be a “coincidence” to us. We may think it happened by chance, but God is never surprised, awed, or amazed. He knows all things and is working to make sure they happen.

Last year 2 Haitians entered into a small Baptist church in a city of about 7,000 people. They had traveled well over 4,000 miles from their home to get to that point. It was at this same time that the Lord placed us in this church. We were in the church for about four months. An acquaintance was made, then a few days later, they came looking for help. Little did they know that their greatest need would be met that evening. Both men trusted Christ as their Savior!!!

Pictures around Brasiléia

The Lord used that event to help us open our eyes to a great opportunity here in Brazil. On our most recent trip to Brasiléia on the Bolivian border, we surveyed the possibility of reaching these Haitians with the Gospel. Here is what we found.

  • About 50 Haitians cross the border from Bolivia into Brasiléia every day.
  • They stay in Brasiléia until they get permission to be in the country and permission to work.
  • The average stay is from 2-4 weeks.
  • The Brazilian government provides the Haitians with food and a place to stay. This “place to stay” is nothing more than a covered over area or large tents where there is no sanitation, no privacy, and no comfort.
  • The Haitians must come up with about $3.00 for documents and money for the bus fare to where they are going. Some even struggle to come up with the $3.00.
  • For the most part, they are not well educated. More than 50% of them only speak Haitian Creole. French is also spoken by those who are educated.
  • They are all looking for new hope in this world. Many come with nothing  but the clothes on their backs and are looking for a job where they can make money and send it back to their relatives. Some are looking to get away from their past and wish to move on to a new life.
  • Though there are some women, most Haitians coming across the border are men. Even a few children have been seen from time to time.

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Pictures around Brasiléia

Can we offer them hope? YES! There is hope in Jesus Christ and we want to get them the Gospel as they pass through the “doorstep” of the church in Brasiléia.

Will you pray for this outreach? Will you pray for Haiti? Will you pray for the church in Brasiléia that has an opportunity to reach out to these Haitians?


Pictures around Brasiléia

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