Family Trip to Rio Branco

Just a few weeks ago we had an opportunity to travel as a family. It was the longest trip we have ever taken in Brazil. We traveled over 1500 miles round trip. Taking into consideration the road conditions, this was quite a long trip. We found that the worse stretch of road on the whole trip was the first 25 miles from our house.

We have much to praise the Lord for! This trip would have been much more difficult had it not been for our new vehicle. Though we did not need the 4 wheel drive on this trip, we did need the larger tires and higher vehicle. I am not sure our previous car would have made the entire trip without incident, but we must praise the Lord that this one did. The only damage to the car was all the bugs on the front. Some just do not want to come off!

The road conditions to Rio Branco were much better than we expected. Amanda volunteered to drive! Now that is saying something! She hates these roads. We even had to cross the river on a ferry, which was a first for our boys.

Ferry Crossing
Our whole family spent about 31 hours together in the car on this trip. That gave us plenty of time together. This car has a CD player in it! We listened to quite a few Patch the Pirate and Adventures in Odyssey episodes. The boys were looking forward to listening to some new things.

Once we arrived in Rio Branco, we were able to spend a few days with the Doolittles. Our boys enjoyed meeting their two younger boys (Joshua and Benjamin) and the five of them had a great time together. The Doolittles were also a great encouragement to Amanda and me.

Friends - Rio Branco

Friends - Rio Branco

We were able to see the new location they have been meeting in. It is on the edge of town. Though a few people were not all that excited about the change in the beginning, it seems as though things have picked up and people are enjoying it now. The Lord is using the church to reach many people in the area.
Church - Rio Branco
Amanda and I also sat in on one of the Bible Institute classes. They have four students and the courses are all done through videos.

One of the days we were with them, we enjoyed an afternoon playing ball with some of the young people in the church. We also had a good time eating pizza afterwards.

Friends - Rio Branco
It is always refreshing to spend time with other missionaries. There are many things we share in common that other people do not understand. It is also exciting to see how God works in the lives of other missionaries.


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