Another Profession of Faith in Christ

Every week we are going soul-winning. John and I normally try to go out several times a week. We also work on contacting people by phone, by email, through Facebook, stopping by their work places, or however we can get in touch with people during the week. It is interesting to see how God is working.

Just a few weeks ago we started another Bible study not far from the Kokenzie’s house. We had been knocking the doors on that particular street and a lady said she wanted us to do a Bible study at her house. John and Julie began the Bible study and are teaching this lady, Fabiola, every week.

Just this last Tuesday, we tried to make some house calls because it had been raining. When everyone we contacted was not available and the rain died down some, we decided to go ahead and go out to knock some doors. Because we had not yet finished knocking all the doors, we decided to go ahead and finish the road where the Bible study was started.

The first person we found at home was a young lady with a six month old child. Her name is Dayelle. She showed some interest, then when we asked her about her salvation, she admitted that she was not saved. She said she did not know if she would go to heaven.

Even though it began sprinkling and she was holding her baby out in that damp weather, she wanted to hear what the Bible had to say. We showed her some verses and showed her how she could be saved. I prayed for the Lord to work in her heart while she was praying that the Lord would save her! How exciting!

Because there is such religious confusion in our area, this is not a common thing. Few people ever admit that they are not saved, even though they say they don’t know if they are going to heaven, they almost always say they have been saved and Jesus is the only means of salvation. However, being a Christian is in style here, especially in this part of the country. That means most people know the lingo, but hardly ever trust Jesus Christ alone for their salvation. They always have their own thoughts about who God is and how to be saved without having Bible to back them up.

After praying with Dayelle, she told us that they had just moved into the area because her and her husband had been sent away to seminary. They later found out that they were used as part of a scam and were mistreated. The pastors that sent them away were removed by the church. It is amazing, that people like this who know very little if anything about God or the Bible are sent to get seminary training.

Please pray for her husband. We have not yet met him, but are praying that the Lord will work in his heart also. She has been invited to the Bible study tonight on her street. Pray she will come, her husband would come, and we would be able to help them spiritually. Pray for John and Julie as head up this small Bible study this evening.

The Lord is working in many lives around us and we are very happy to be a part of it! Keep praying!


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