A New Publication – Herança Cristã

After many months of work, the Lord has allowed us to get out the very first edition of our new publication, Herança Cristã. If you would like to see a sample of the first issue, just click the image below. We are still learning how to best display this publication.

The Lord has given us a beginning group of about 90 pastors and missionaries that are receiving this. We hope that it will spread and soon we will be influencing many many more people. Please pray that God would allow this to be a great encouragement to these pastors, but that their people would also sign up to get it.

The publication is not designed for pastors, though they would benefit much from it. Our goal is to get good Christian literature into every home in Brazil. God has burdened our hearts to do everything we can to help Christian people get good literature. Though there are many resources here in Brazil, those resources are choked out by the mass of literature produced by the mainstream groups. We want to help get the best materials out and into the hands of people who are seeking the Lord.

— Jeremy



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