2012 London Olympics – True Victory

True Victory

One of my projects over the past 6 months or so was the design of a new website for the 2012 Olympics in London. The Olympics will soon be beginning, and thousands of people will be traveling to London from all over the world.

Many of you are excited about the sporting events and the excitement as you cheer on your country. However, others are awaiting this event with the prospect of reaching the world through London. They see the souls for whom Christ died and see opportunities to reach people with the Gospel.

We have been working along side Bro. Allen Johnson and Wings Bearing Precious Seed to develop a website similar to our Conhecendo Deus Gospel website. This website, appropriately named truevictory.net is also a Gospel website. It not only gives the Gospel, but also attempts to give the personal story of athletes who have made professed Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Please visit the website and pass it along to your friends. I know there are several different outreach programs going on in London during this time. Please remember to pray for all these people reaching out to the lost with the Gospel. May the Lord work on the hearts of these athletes and spectators to give them

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