Traveling the US

We have now been in the US for eight weeks and have traveled well over 8,000 miles. Time is flying by and we are trying to take advantage of our time here. With exception of a little hiccup in the AC on the van, things have gone very well. This week we spent time in Tennessee at our home church and also with family.

Shortly after arriving in the US we headed out west and had meetings in Idaho, Washington, California, Arizona, Texas, and Alabama. We have been in over 15 different churches and have about 20 more scheduled.

Next week we will be in Illinois with Amanda”s family. The boys and I have not seen some of the family for over seven years. We hope to take advantage of the time we are there during the week.

Though we have been enjoying time with friends and family, work continues! We have been in touch with online casino many people in Brazil as well as working on different projects. An opportunity came up to help a friend in Nepal with some work. Progress has also been made on a new website housing a Spanish Bible. In all of this we still continue to fulfill our regular duties sending out the monthly publication, updating websites, and corresponding with many people.

Thank you so much for praying for us while we are traveling. Please continue! Soon we hit the east side from New Hampshire to Florida. Pray for safety in travel and a vehicle that continues running well.

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