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We Made It

If you recall in the last post about our move, we were very unsure about what the next few days would bring. As a testimony to the goodness of God, we are safe and sound in Itapuã do Oeste, in the State of Rondônia.

I posted on Thursday, March 1st that we were waiting on our moving truck. Late in the day I called the owner of the trucking company and he told me the truck still was not unloaded and would not be unloaded before Friday. However, he said there was another truck coming from Rio de Janeiro that could come by and load our things.

He said the truck could come by early Friday. So I agreed to that. The problem is that our non-refundable airplane tickets were for 7:40am on Friday. I considered sending Amanda and the kids ahead and purchasing another ticket for myself later in the day or Saturday. After praying about the situation, the Lord gave us peace about taking off and leaving all of our things for someone else to load.

On Friday morning, we went to the airport to catch our plane. The check-in line for our flight was just about as long as the airport. Their network was down and the employees were writing everything out by hand including boarding passes and luggage tickets. However, the Lord blessed and we arrived at our final destination only 20 minutes later than expected.

While we were flying, we prayed that the Lord would bless in the move. There were plenty of helpers and things went very well. The truck did not arrive until after 9am. They loaded the truck and they were able to load the car on the back of the truck also!!! Praise the Lord. This will expedite our ability to get around here. It will also allow us to trade it in or take our time selling it.

It took the truck four days to get up here to Rondônia. It arrived on Tuesday the 6th. We hired a few boys from the church to help unload the truck and carry our belonging to the appropriate place. 


Loading the truck from São Paulo – Thanks for the help guys! Not only did all of our belongings make it, but the van load of things we brought the day before and the car made it also.


These pictures are of our trip here to Itapuã. On the way back to Bro. Brewer’s house where we are staying, his truck broke down and we were on the side of the road for several hours before we were able to get a taxi to pick us up and take us the rest of the way.


These pictures are of the unloading process. Yes, it was a meat truck, but they did not turn it on for us while we were unloading. However, they did turn in on for my Dad when he was loading. It was huge. Notice the picture of the empty truck and look for the driver all the way at the front of it. I wish I had pictures of us unloading the car here. The truck driver backed up to a pile of dirt, we found two boards to bridge the gaps and I drove across those two boards.


Thank you for your prayers for us over the last few weeks. The Lord was very good to us. We are thankful for His blessings and for His protection.


The Big “Phase Two”

What is God doing in our lives at this point? God is leading us to His side! We are trying to be sensitive to His leading. Please pray for us. Our future is in the hands of the Lord.

Here is what we know of our near future:

1. We move out of our present house here in São Paulo by the 7th of July. By this time, all of our belongings will need to be stored for the next six months. A month ago we thought we had until September, but the Lord has chosen to move us before then.

2. We will be moving into the house of some of our friends who will be traveling for a few months. This relieves us from rent for a few months and helps them at the same time.

3. In September we will be going to the US until December. We will be scheduling meetings during most of that time. We have been in Brazil for over two years, but because of the timing, we believe it is the Lord’s will for us to return to the US and report to churches before our next move.

4. Upon our return to Brazil around the new year, we will gather all of our belongings and place them in a truck that will move our things to Rondônia. Our plans are to arrive in Rondônia in February. This is a 2,000 mile move across the country. We are not sure about all the details of our arrival there, however, we are trusting the Lord to work everything out.

We are looking forward to being with all our loved ones and family here in the near future. Although this may seem strange, Brazil has become our home and we are even a bit nervous about returning to the US. Many questions arise in our minds… Will people still be the same? Have churches changed? How will we be treated? Yet, these questions are not the largest part of our concern. We wonder how we can help people and encourage them to follow the Lord during this short time that we are back in the US.

During the last two and a half years living out of the US, we have changed quite a bit. The Lord has taught us the importance of leaning on Him. When no one else is around and when no one else knows what we are going through, God is all we need. We can be steadfast and unmoveable because the Lord is with us. He has not put us out here all alone. He has accompanied us. Amen!

We are very excited about our future. I like to call our work in Rondônia “phase two” in our ministry. We have many second phases in our ministry, but this one is the big second phase. We will soon be moving into church planting and using all the resources we have been able to gather over the last few years. So far everything has been preparation.

Please continue to pray that the Lord would lead us, supply the necessary resources for the tasks ahead, and help us to trust Him every step of the way.

— Jeremy