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On the Other Side of the Boat

In John 21:6 Jesus told His disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. Here in Brazil the Lord has also told us to cast our net on the other side of the boat with praying that we will catch a great many fish.

Though the details of the story are not the same we are pressing for the same results because here we are fishing for men.

This is good news from the northern side of Brazil. Many of you have prayed and some have given financially to Isaías, a Brazilian missionary up in a remote area of the Amazon River

He has been given a great opportunity to reach an Indian tribe that, as of yet, does not even have a written language. However, for him to reach this tribe he needed his own boat. It was vital to the ministry for him to enter by means of his own transportation.

During the first week of July he was able to purchase the boat! What a blessing. Most of the money from the boat came from churches here in Brazil. This is exciting because it shows that the Lord is able to accomplish many great things here in Brazil through the nationals themselves.

Please keep praying for Isaías and his wife Rachel. Though they still need to purchase the motor and transport the boat over a stretch of over 700 kilometers, the Lord has already provided most if not all of the money for this. However, they stand in need of more support to be able to pay the expensive fuel charges to get them in and out of the tribe. In order to go and come back from the tribe, it will probably cost them nearly $2000 in fuel and other expenses.

We are excited about this work. There are many challenges, but we want to do our best to encourage Isaías, provide some needed supplies, and help this tribe receive their first Bible in their own language. More than anything we want to see many of them come to Christ. What a wonderful day it will be when we get to Heaven and meet some of these precious souls!

This tribe is the key to entering even back into the most remote and uncontacted tribes on the face of the earth.

Please help us pray for Isaías!

— Jeremy

Reaching the Uttermost From Brazil

For years we prayed that the Lord would help us get to Brazil. One of our biggest goals in Brazil is to mobilize the Brazilians to reach the world. Oh, what joy is in our hearts when already we see the Lord using us to see this accomplished.

In August I took a trip which put in my heart a desire to help a young Brazilian missionary. Through weeks and even months of prayer about what could be done to help him, the Lord has opened doors. Please continue reading his story…

Isaiah, has always been an enthusiastic young man. Everyone expects something out of the ordinary to happen when he is around. He was raised in a missionary family until problems arose which brought them off the field. He gave his life to the Lord and soon the Lord called him to be a missionary to people which had never before heard the Gospel.

He began to raise his support as a missionary to the people of the Amazon. Still seeking God’s perfect will for his life, he sought to learn about the people and opportunities to reach the indigenous people of Brazil. With around 35% of his support raised, the Lord opened up an opportunity for him to enter into one of the remote people groups in the Amazon. Jumping at the opportunity, he left for the field completely trusting in the promises of God.

His faith was tested when the door was closed and he was left in the Amazon without any means to return home. His wife was also with him in this endeavor supporting his decisions. They were told by different governing agencies that they could still get in, but the trip had been delayed for a month. When he went to inquire the second time, his hopes were crushed as they told him they canceled the trip and the door was completely closed.

Time after time he tried to work on different avenues of entrance into this remote people group. Finally, he gave up. He did not give up hope, but he gave up seeking an entrance. Deciding to wait on the Lord and use his time wisely he began to take some college courses. It was only then, that the Lord opened the door.

One of his teachers is a representative of all the isolated people groups in the Amazon. After sharing his heart with her, she was moved by his compassion for the people and appointed him as a representative to a certain people group giving him access into their land. Hallelujah! How our wonderful Lord works in mysterious ways.

As he made his first attempt to enter, the devil was also working. He arrived at the gateway into the region making a stop to prove his authorization to enter the region. He was granted the permission, but another man was denied the privilege. This man then turned around and said some things despitefully, trying his best to destroy the whole endeavor.

After a long discussion, he was not denied entrance, but was denied transportation. However, he was told that should he have his own transportation, he could proceed. The Lord is putting him through trials, but yet his heart is hopeful and he remains excited about the possibilities the Lord has given him.

We have been encouraging this man and his wife. He is doing the Lord’s work in a very difficult place in this world. He has remained faithful to the Lord even through many disappointments and trials. He is living by faith on the cutting edge of missions.

Now, you may ask what we have to do with him. We have been encouraging him, providing some resources for him, praying, and encouraging churches to stand behind him. He has been granted full access to a people group who have never heard the name of Jesus. This is an opportunity that not many people have. Yet, he is lacking his own means of transportation to get there. This means of transportation is a boat.

Several Brazilian churches have taken up special offerings to help with this need. Brazilians in the US are getting a burden for their own people and getting involved.

Would you please join us in praying for this young man? Pray the the Lord would keep the door open for him to get in. He has been appointed as an educational representative which would help develop the written language for these people. What an opportunity this is to reach these people and provide for them the first portion of God’s Word in their own language.

While most Christians are sitting around on their hands waiting for the second coming of Christ, these people have yet to hear that there is a Creator God who loves them and gave his son to die on the cross in their place giving them eternal redemption. Please join us in praying!

— Jeremy