An Outdated Prayer Letter

Many times in writing a prayer letter, by the time it is ready, I am forced to rewrite the letter because the information is outdated or irrelevant. Our last prayer letter for October 2015 was outdated when it went out. I decided to go ahead and send it out even though it was lacking more information. So, let me try to get you updated on the outdated.

Update #1

The last paragraph of the prayer letter held the most information about the ministry. In it, I mentioned a couple that was forced to leave due to a medical issue that needed to be solved.

They were gone for one Sunday. Upon their return, they told us the story. She no longer has any problem whatsoever. After looking at her exams, the doctor asked who did the exams. He questioned about the lab and the doctors, then said he did not understand. The exams were hers, but he could not find any sign of a problem. He looked at the chart again and again and told her that she did not have what the exams said she had.

Just to make sure this was true, he sent her down the street for more exams. The new exams confirmed that she did not have any issues whatsoever. The doctors at the lab compared and verified the information from the past exams, but said she no longer had any issues.

Wow! Considering the fact that she had a large tumor and other easily noticeable issues, this is amazing. Upon their return, they expressed to us that, though they did not understand it, God had healed her. She will need to go back in a few months and have more exams, but as it stands right now, she is doing very well.

For us this was a great blessing because now we can continue to work with them. Their financial situation is not good, but their spiritual situation is what bothers us most of all. They have been faithful in coming to church on Sunday evening, and even on some Thursdays. Please pray for their salvation. Their names are Ivan and Sandra.


Update #2

The last paragraph of the prayer letter also included a quick note about a young lady who had publicly announced that she had trusted Christ as her Savior. This has not changed at all. She is very faithful to the services, is eager to learn, and is being discipled by one of the missionary wives. Amen! Please continue to pray for her. Her name is Daniela.

That same paragraph said that others were forced to consider salvation for themselves. Before I could send out the letter, we had already heard of two more who have said they have trusted Christ as Savior. Both a husband (Marcio) and wife (Fabiana) separately have told us that while alone at home they asked the Lord to forgive their sins and save them! They have expressed changes in their lives that they believe the Lord would have them make. We still have much ground to cover and much to help them understand, but there is no doubt that God is working in their lives.

One of the couples that have been attending has a background in the Seventh Day Adventists. Without knowing that, we have taught over and over again that the law cannot save you. It only shows you that you make mistakes (Romans 7:7). They agree with what is being taught. Though there is opposition from their families, they now say they are part of our church. Our main concern is their salvation! We want them to learn the truth from the Bible, but not stop at that. They need to take action in their own hearts and believe! Please pray for them. Their names are Adinaldo and Jéssica.

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