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Two Great Sunday Services in 2015!

Back in October of 2014 we rented a building in which to hold services. The Lord has blessed, but we have really not seen as many people come as we would have liked. We have invited hundreds of people, visited prospects, and prayed. However, the increase was very small compared to what we were expecting. We had one family visit in two months. Health issues, vacations, and even some academic tests have kept our regulars from attending during the past few months.

The past two weeks have been drastically different. Most of our regulars have still not been able to attend for various reasons, but the Lord has blessed the services by sending us visitors. We had eight visitors within the first two Sundays of the year! That is a great way to start out the new year. It was a joy to preach and give the Gospel to these people. Though we previously knew most of these people, only three out of the eight have attended one of our Bible studies.

This past Sunday evening, Tiago, one of the young men that visited, told me that he enjoyed the service and was going to invite a friend of his that he thought would enjoy it also. Another one of our visitors, Nicholas, said he really enjoyed the service and that he would definitely return and invite some of his friends. His sister and her husband are one of our regular families. When we spoke with them about Nicholas coming, they said he seemed to be very excited and enjoyed a service that was not extremely loud. (That should give you some insight on the average church in our area.)

We are excited to see what God will do in the lives of each visitor that has been with us. There is no doubt in my mind that God is working, but sometimes we are impatient and fail to see His hand in the circumstances around us.

This next week we will probably have the largest crowd since the inauguration of the building because the Kokenzies have returned. Some of our regulars will also be back that were not able to attend these past two weeks. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work in hearts and that these people will be truly saved and follow the Lord!


A New Meeting Location

We are looking forward to meeting in the new building we have just rented for the church. We will begin our services on the 19th of October. We are pushing for a big day and have much to take care of before then.

The Lord has given us a building for less than $300 a month that will fit around 30 people without much trouble at all. This will get us started though and hopefully help us build the core group.

Here is a look at the building the way it looks right now…


Church Location


We are getting a sign printed, invitations printed, and trying to furnish the building with all the necessary items we need for the church services such as a pulpit, table for literature and things like that. There is quite a bit of running around to do in the next few weeks. We hope to install some fans and fix a few little issues with the building. Over the next few months, we will be working to slowly provide what is missing when we start. For now, we will rent chairs. Not knowing how many we will need and how things will progress, we have decided to wait just a bit to purchase the chairs.Here is a look at what we hope the sign looks like. Lord willing, it will be put up in about a week.


Church Location


Please pray as we press forward to reach more people here in Rondônia. The people we are working with are excited about this step. They are looking forward to participating a bit more. We felt acquiring more permanent location was a necessary step forward to be able to reach people in our city.The Kokenzies will be returning in January. We hope to have things in order when they get here so the work can move forward. Once they return we will be preparing for furlough.  We need your prayers! Please remember to pray for us on the 19th of October when we hold our first evangelistic service. Pray for souls to be saved and believers to be edified.